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his website is the visual story of one fan's passion for live music and photography. It's an open invitation to join David Stratford in the first six rows of some of the most legendary rock concerts of our time.

David Stratford is a California native who spent his formative years at rock concerts all over southern California. The passion and artistry David witnessed at these concerts was so powerful that David decided he needed to find a way to share the magic of these moments with others. He had studied photography in school and decided to put his skills to good use, borrowing cameras from friends and family, and using them to document the incredible energy and emotion he was lucky enough to see up on stage.

David was a true fan. He never had a press pass or front row seats. Most of the time, he didn't even have a ride to the concert. He'd hitch hike to the venue and then find a way to sneak his camera inside, even if that meant he had to tape the camera's lens to his left ankle and the camera's
base to his right ankle and hide them underneath his bell bottom pants. No matter where his ticket said he was supposed to be sitting, David always found a way to sneak up into the first six rows, so he could capture the music as it was meant to be captured: up close and personal.

When David originally took these pictures in the 70's, he would print them and hang them on the walls at Licorice Pizza record stores so that other music fans could look at them and buy them and experience a little bit of what David was lucky enough to see in person. Today, the pages of this website will act as the walls of those record stores, a place for music fans to appreciate and purchase these photographs.

All of the David's pictures on this website are authentic. None of them were ever staged or posed. If you had been lucky enough to be at these concerts, rocking out to the likes of Led Zeppelin or David Bowie, this is what it would've looked like.

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